First steps

  • Make sure your CV is most 2 pages long – reason: most of the people do not read resumes, they just look for keywords
  • If you apply to position that requires C#, C++; make sure to list those keywords relatively often, so it is easy to spot by HR person and your Hiring Manager
  • Prepare *separate* resume for each job you apply for – why? Because people will look for the best candidates for the position. If you participated in project A and did lots of coding work as long as program management work there, and the position is for design engineer, make sure the emphasize in the section of what you did is exactly on stuff related to engineering, not PM-ing
  • Make the CV stand out – people look for “uniqueness”, make sure your CV shows that you are special and have some “ninja skills”
  • Experience, experience, experience – people want to see that you have experience in the field, and what you were able to accomplish; they do not care much about your education (unless this is Research positions – then they look for “Research experience”, which means published papers, and research that ended up as a product)
  • Passion – list additional projects you did on a side
  • Focus – do not list everything you know, list *only* things that are important for the position you are applying to